Father Simon Says – April 22, 2022 – Heresy!

Acts 5:17-26

  • What is heresy?

Jn 3:16-21

  • Is the Trinity actually easy to understand?


  • Father comments on the need for silence before mass
  • Listener thanks Father for his priesthood and comments on the structure of priesthood

Word of the Day: Sad​ducees


  • My father was cremated. Could I put him in a Church, is that considered a sacred place?
  • Why in the scriptures does it say those who love the world will lose it and those who hate the world will find everlasting life. Yet, God so loved the world.
Father Richard Simon, who jokingly refers to himself as Reverend Know-it-All is the host of Fr. Simon Says on Relevant Radio. Father Simon delves into the daily Scripture readings, shares a Word of the Day to help you sharpen you vocabulary, and opens the phones to your questions about the Faith. After just a few minutes with Father Simon, you might be convinced that he truly does know it all!