Father Simon Says-April 22, 2022-On Church and State and Messianic Expectations

Acts 4:1-12

  • Fr. Simon talks about the High Priestly Class during the Apostles’ time and also the struggle between Church and State


  • What were Messianic Expectations of the Jewish people at the time of Christ?
  • Question about ashes in Esther and Maccabees and if related to Ash Wednesday

Words of the Day:

  • Didymus
  • Children
  • 153


  • Is it okay to do the stations of the cross on the Friday of Easter week?
  • What if I don’t have any mortal sins to confess for confession when during Divine Mercy Sunday? Should I go to confession?
  • Does God’s love apply to the fallen Angels?
  • Who else talked about the devil being the greatest trick?
  • Is keeping Cremated remains in my home a sin?
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