How to do Holy Week & Is a Person Born Transgender?

LMFT Michael Gasparro joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss President Joe Biden’s advice to parents and children identifying as transgender. Can someone be born gay? Does God make someone gay? Should a parent encourage a “transgender identity”? Listen for a Catholic response rooted in academic truth.

Getting ready for Holy Week? Timmerie unpacks ways to live out Holy week, including special foods, masses, and fun for everyone.

Parents never thought they would be considering homeschooling, but now are. Peeking your curiosity, Jordan Almanzar from Kolbe Academy joins Timmerie discussing resources and ways to homeschool.

Resources mentioned

Kolbe Academy – homeschooling solutions

The Born This Way Argument Isn’t True

The Ruth Institute: Academic Resources on Transgenderism

LMFT Michael Gasparro

Timmerie works as a radio host and Catholic speaker educating in areas of theology and is an expert at responding to current trends of sexuality, feminism, and gender ideology. She hosts Trending with Timmerie on Relevant Radio. She holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Theology and Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media with an emphasis in the New Evangelization from John Paul the Great Catholic University.