The Patrick Madrid Show: April 07, 2022 – Hour 1

  • Susan – What is the difference between praying and saying prayers?
  • Kelly – There is a 4-year-old girl in my child’s class who now claims to be a boy. How can I handle this Transgender issue? I pulled my child out of the school abruptly. Is that okay?
  • Joshua – What makes us think we can bless God?
  • Lastenia – I went through a similar situation as Kelly when I adopted my son who was exposed to Transgender things at the age of four.
  • All 50 Senate Democrats Were Asked to Define “Women.” None of Them Could Do It
  • Leon – What day of the week was Jesus Crucified? If he was in the earth, dead 3 days and nights, shouldn’t he have been crucified on Wednesday?
  • Dusty – How can I discern signs from God without being too superstitious?
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