The Patrick Madrid Show: April 14, 2022 – Hour 1

  • Cliff – In the St. Michael Prayer I see a lot of “safeguard” instead of “defense” and “cast” instead of “thrust.” I find this disturbing. I’m supposed to blame Vatican II right? Is that how it works?
  • The latest Quinnipiac poll finds Joe Biden with a 26% approval rating among Hispanics — lower than his rating among whites.
  • Being bilingual slows down brain aging
  • Bill – Is Purgatory mentioned in the bible?
  • The Four Types of Pride and How to Root Them Out
  • Joseph – My Baptist friend says that the Good Thief story proves that there is no purgatory. How would you respond to that?
  • Tracy – How can I address the “once saved always saved” question from Protestants?
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