Father Simon Says – May 26 2022 – Learn to Obey Oh Dust

First ReadingActs 18:1-8

  • Paul went to Athens to try to win the people over with intellectual arguments because the people of Corinth were living a life of immorality with the Priestess of the false goddess Venus.


  • Email – Have you ever heard the phrase “learn to Obey oh Dust”?
  • Email – How can I get more summer visitation with my daughter? My Ex doesn’t want to give me more time with her.
  • Email – Were the Athenians into trending things?

Word of the Day:

  • “Tentmaker”


  • Pam -Is there a good book on Mother Teresa?
  • Mike -Stories that the Catholic Church restricted people from reading the bible in the Middle Ages.
  • Charles -Comment: Eucharist was still Eucharist. Wants to share story of little Chinese girl licking the Eucharist floor
  • Deedee – Regarding the Ascension of the Lord. According to my Catholic calendar, on the 26th, is the Ascension of the Lord. But Sunday, it says the Ascension of the Lord? Could you help?
  • Joe – Question about book of Tobit, when Rafael appeared to Tobias, he had a dog w/him. Why was there a dog?
  • William -Comment: I’m friends w/Fr. Ben Horn and heard Fr. Simon’s shoutout to Fr. Ben
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