Sexual Disorientation: the Trans Effect & Porn’s Impact on the Brain & Relationships

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, the country’s foremost Technology Addiction expert joins Trending to discuss porn’s impact on the brain and relationships (3:15). along with: How erectile dysfunction resulting from porn impacts young girls (9:00). The trans effect of social media leading to sexual disorientation (23:35). Depression and various untreated disorders that precede the onset of gender dysphoria (31:30). The role of Neuroscience in the transgender debate (36:38). An answer to prayers for a mom who wants to spend more time with her kid (42:00). CA abortion bill legalizing killing babies after birth passes another assembly committee (46:40).

Resources mentioned :

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras’ Omega Recovery Center

Book Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking our kids and how to break the trance

Podcast on Single Moms

Timmerie works as a radio host and Catholic speaker educating in areas of theology and is an expert at responding to current trends of sexuality, feminism, and gender ideology. She hosts Trending with Timmerie on Relevant Radio. She holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Theology and Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media with an emphasis in the New Evangelization from John Paul the Great Catholic University.