Special Donor Challenge: In Honor of Timmy Benoit

As you’re probably aware, we are in the middle of our Give Hope Pledge Drive! We have made great progress these past three days and we cannot express our appreciation for each and every listener that has contributed to Relevant Radio’s mission, whether it’s through your financial gifts or your prayers and apostolate.

However, we still have a way to go to reach our goals for this quarter and so to contribute to the drive, two of our major donors, Anne and Rick Hutter have volunteered to launch a special on-air challenge during The Drew Mariani Show! The Hutters will double match every donation in the next 30 minutes up to $30,000.

This donor challenge will be offered in honor of Timothy “Timmy” Ryan Benoit, Anne’s brother who passed away in June of 2020. “There is probably not a Catholic Parishioner in the Aurora area that has not met Tim Benoit! It only took a few seconds for his enthusiastic personality to change your outlook for the day. He was a role model on how to live life. As a cousin, I knew him all his life, but I can’t remember a time he didn’t have a smile on his face.”

Please keep the Hutter and Benoit families in your prayers. Attached is an image of Timmy and his obituary:

Timothy Ryan Benoit, age 58, of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, formerly of Aurora and  Geneva, passed away Thursday, June 11, 2020 at home surrounded by his loving family.  Tim’s life was a magnificent gift to all who knew him.  He was a gentle loving soul.

He was born June 5, 1962 in Aurora, Illinois, the son of Joseph and Evelyn (Ryan) Benoit.

Tim graduated from Hope Wall School in Aurora in 1983.

Timmy Benoit

He was a part-time employee at Reuland Food Service for 33 years.  He enjoyed bowling, miniature golf, music, and dancing.  He was an avid sports fan, especially loved the Chicago Cubs and Bears.  Tim also delighted in spending time with family and friends.  He was a loving son, brother, uncle, great uncle, and friend who will be very dearly missed.

He is survived by his siblings Tom (Sue) Benoit of  St. Charles, Anne (Rick) Hutter of Lake Geneva, WI, sister-in-law Kathy Benoit of Aurora; and many other dear relatives and friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother Terry Benoit.

His sister, Anne, offered the following reflection on Timmy’s life:

“Timmy’s life was a magnificent gift to us.  However, when Timmy was born in 1962, the pediatrician told his parents that he had Down Syndrome.  He predicted that Timmy would never be able to walk or talk.  He said that Timmy would never know any of his family members, and he would be a burden on his family and other siblings.  With all due respect, the pediatrician could not have been more wrong.

In reality, Timmy’s life and love enriched the lives of all who were blessed to know him.  Timmy not only learned to walk and talk, but he played basketball at school and swam in the Special Olympics becoming the proud recipient of many trophies and medals.

Timmy was a big Chicago sports fan.  He loved the Cubs, Bears and Bulls and was overjoyed when the Cubs won the World Series.

He took great pride in his job that he held for 33 years at a local deli/catering service.

Timmy was always the life of the party. He loved music and was an extraordinary dancer.  Timmy was known for getting the party started on the dance floor and earned the respect of many talented dancers.  At wedding receptions, he usually ended up in the middle of the dance floor with everyone in a circle around him, cheering him on.

Timmy was, above all, a genius at understanding human emotion. He was always very excited to run errands and be out in the community. Everyone knew him at the stores, post office, dry cleaners, bank, parish center, etc.  He would never pass a person without giving eye contact and a greeting.  Walking alongside him was truly a blessing. It was magical to watch the blank stares of strangers light up into beautiful smiling faces as Timmy turned on his charm and greeted everyone as an old friend.

Timmy was a comfort to everyone.  If he heard someone mention being worried about something, his response was always, “Don’t worry!  Have faith!”

Timmy was a prayer warrior for people having difficulties. He loved lighting a candle at church for anyone who was sick or injured or having surgery.  He also loved going to pray for the unborn babies at the local Planned Parenthood.

In closing, Timmy was an avid weather fan.  He was always watching cloud formations and was very excited to announce it if there was a weather watch or warning on t.v.  The day after Timmy passed away, the sun was shining, but we heard a strange sound like a very hard rain.  Stepping out onto the porch, we saw that even though the sun was shining brightly, a torrential rain was pouring down. The raindrops were glistening in the sunlight.  We had never seen anything like it.  Our explanation is that Timmy found the weather control room up in Heaven and started pushing buttons!

Thank you, Timmy, for being such a blessing in our lives.  We miss you terribly.  Please continue to pray for us and all the unborn babies.”

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