The Patrick Madrid Show: May 02, 2022 – Hour 1

  • The Governor of Oregon passed the Menstrual Dignity Act which requires all schools (elementary, middle, & high) starting next year place period products in all bathrooms (boys and girls) with instructions on how to use it.
  • Twitter’s ‘chief censor’ making $17m per year could be fired
  • Denise – A few weeks ago you mentioned Contraception, it was confusing to me and I didn’t understand what you were saying could you clarify it. It seemed like you were saying it was good in some ways?
  • Kellogg’s Spoon-feeds Activism with Woke Cereal
  • Frank – I was at Helena this weekend, it was great! I was going to ask you what is your greatest hope for the future of the church?
  • Laura – Thank you. I talked with you 2 years ago and you told me to pray to Mary the Undoer of knots for help. I wanted to get married in the church. I did pray and I just got married in the church last Saturday.
Holy Land Pilgrimage with Drew Mariani
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