The Patrick Madrid Show: May 10, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Mary Beth – What is the protocol for giving money to beggars
  • Anita – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is this okay to read?
  • Nancy – I sympathize with Dawn – I have a son I must let go of as well
  • Elaina – Any books for girls who are coddled at home? my sister needs to grow up too
  • Kevin – Dad wants to be buried closer to home which is not the same cemetery his mother is buried and siblings are fighting about it. (told him to be off headphones)
  • Ed – Who were the first Deacons and priests and first church of Catholic faith?
  • Curtis – How to deal with my father’s addiction? I want to be able to help my mom with this
  • Allison – Follow up – Be patient with your teenagers because they have more pressures and issues to deal with it.
  • Mark – if your child is paying for their own cell phone- how do you track what they are up on it and regulate that?
  • Hailey – invited to a masquerade party with fortune teller. should we go?
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