Father Simon Says – June 17, 2022 – Pillars of Fire

2 Kgs 11:1-4, 9-18, 20

  • What’s the big deal with syncretism?

Mt 6:19-23

  • Why is money an important thing?


  • In the light of the Gospel, how will married couples relate to each other in heaven?
  • Listener writes in about how many days Jesus spent in the tomb
  • 2 Tim3:7–does this apply to abortion?
  • Can you change godparents?
  • Did the Magisterium mishandle the Pentecostal movement?

Word of the Day: Pillar


  • My barber is Jewish and she has her shop on Saturday. Would it would be a bad thing for me to go to her shop on Saturday?
  • What are the Chronicles referred to in Kings?
  • What the rules are for fasting on Fridays? And also if somebody is on medicine?
  • is it okay to store a relic in the tabernacle, with the Holy Eucharist?
  • When we do confession, it starts w/ ‘bless me’ However a priest said it should be ‘forgive me’. What’s correct?
Father Richard Simon, who jokingly refers to himself as Reverend Know-it-All is the host of Fr. Simon Says on Relevant Radio. Father Simon delves into the daily Scripture readings, shares a Word of the Day to help you sharpen you vocabulary, and opens the phones to your questions about the Faith. After just a few minutes with Father Simon, you might be convinced that he truly does know it all!