Kristan Hawkins, Reaction From Washington DC on Roe Decision/ Shawn Carney, Roadmap for Post- Roe America/ Mayra Rodriguez, Impact of Roe Reversal on Hispanics

6/27/22 6am CT Hour

  • John, Glen and Sarah comment on the mix of emotions in our country since Roe v Wade was overturned on Friday.
  • Kristan reports from Washington DC on what it was like the moment the court’s decision was released and what to expect from Pro-Choice protestors.
  • Shawn shares how amazing it is to see the power of pray working in the history of our country with an end of Roe as the start to an end to abortion and mentions what still needs to be done to change minds and hearts.
  • Mayra comments on what the Roe reversal means for Hispanic immigrants and states that will try to make abortion more available now that not all states provide those services.
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