The Patrick Madrid Show: June 02, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Nicholas – Was my confession valid?
  • Anita – I heard the 13th Bishop of Columbus Ohio was so Joyful that I want to move to Ohio!
  • Connie – I like the Rosary in the rearview mirror. But It can go against you if you get into an ascendant and they are trying to find out who’s at fault.
  • Ron – You were talking about the Trinity yesterday. I was under the impression that God the Father would be a little more Superior. Can you explain this more?
  • Patrick recommends “Theology and Sanity” by Frank Sheed
  • Cecilia – How many disciples were there during Pentecost?
  • Maria – I interpreted his question quite differently, I thought he was talking about a habitual sin.
  • Elias – Why is Jesus painted with blue eyes and blond hair? How do they know what he looked like?
  • Kelly – Is there a book about Queen Vashti in the book of Esther? Patrick recommends seeking out Catholic commentaries about her.
  • Brian – At what stage of life does someone get original sin?
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