The Patrick Madrid Show: June 16, 2022 – Hour 1

  • Email form Tyler – Question about Hate Crimes
  • Shannon – Comment about Alex from yesterday: I wanted to add another female pro-life voice to the conversation
  • Email from Mary – When will the Covid Gene injections stop?
  • Email from Robert – Can you recommend a good large print bible?
  • Email from John – How do I handle impure temptations that could arise with my Son?
  • Kathleen – If Patrick believes that the child is a human being, then why would he call that child an it?
  • Linda – Comment about Patrick’s abortion comments: there’s been a lot of protests in TX about the heartbeat law. On Saturday there was a protest outside of my building ‘my body my choice’.
  • Charlene – Comment about abortion: I lived through that era and I had many friends who had abortions and it didn’t go well. it was all about the choices they were able have.
  • Patrick shares audio showing logical fallacy of My Body my Choice in regard to Vaccine Mandates
  • Check out the New Video by Father Rocky on the Eucharist
  • James – My Body My Choice inconsistent with Vaccine Mandates show a logical fallacy in this reasoning.
  • Bernadette – Anointing of the sick: can someone receive it for someone else?
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