The Patrick Madrid Show: June 16, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Jason – how does bodily autonomy apply to assisted suicide – my body my choice?
  • Greg – received anointing of the sick – how long is the benefit of this sacrament?
  • Diana – What happens if you die but you never knew God?
  • John – I don’t feel the peace that Christ promised us, why do I have to live this way?
  • Theresa – Who wrote the old testament? How much of the new testament did Paul write?
  • Greg – Where can i direct my cousin who has turned into an alcoholic after the death of her spouse, so how she can recover?
  • Joe – Follow up – lots of pain and I dealt with it with my faith
  • Maggie – I have a great source for why the church goes through the bible every 3 years
  • Anna – two conflicting versions of stories on new testament. what’s up with that
  • Cathy – book for 9-year-old granddaughter wants to know more about Adam and Eve
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