Father Simon Says – July 8, 2022 – Collapsed Through Guilt

Bible Study (1:52)

HOS 14:2-10

  • What does it mean to stumble through guilt? 

MT 10:16-23

  • Father tells a story about death and his mother

Letters (20:39)

  • There are two lists of saints in the Roman Canon 
  • I return the host to the church after one of the people I take communion to didn’t receive communion, should I have self-communicated? 

Word of the Day: Bullock & Shrewd/Simple (30:46)


  • (35:44) spirits of the demons that went into the pigs??  Is there anything special about the pig?
  • (39:02) How could I request to try to meet Pope Francis, b/c I’ve seen other people like Elon Musk meet the Pope?
  • (43:20) Two of my daughters, married in the Church and are now divorced.  They remarried in a protestant church.  Are they considered altars
  • (50:11) Should I bow to the altar before I do the 1st reading, at my friend’s wedding mass?
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