Fr. Bob Pagliari, Independence, Freedom & virtue of Consideration/ Dr. David Bissonnette, Obesity and Spirituality/ Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, Sunday’s Gospel Reflection

7/1/22 6am CT Hour

  • John and Sarah chat about the 4th of July and the Pope’s reflection on the elderly.
  • Fr. Bob reminds us to be charitable to those who disagree with us and passes out Holy homework to reflect on the flag and ask others what you can do for them.
  • Dr. Bissonnette talks about lack of belief in God and the breakdown of the family and how it can lead to obesity in parents and kids as well as despair in our country.
  • Bishop Mueggenborg explains how we can use the buddy system to stay on track with following Jesus and be held accountable so as not to just do what makes us popular but what we are called to do.
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