The Inner Life – Tuesday, July 19, 2022 – Plan of Life

IL – Father Ramil Fajardo joins IL to discuss having a Plan of Life. The topics included what is a plan of life (7:19), what a plan of life looks like (9:31), how we start one (12:18) how we integrate a plan of life (17:41), keeping flexibility in our schedule (22:12), a story of keeping a plan of life (25:18), JPII and BXVI on prayer (28:24), silence and prayer (33:47), avoiding burnout (41:16), Terri asked about how to make time for prayer (44:43), good books on the plan of life (48:11), and confession (49:22). 


Plan of Life by Fr. Roger Landry 

Little Manuel for Spiritual Growthby Fr. John Protavella

Live Today Wellby Fr. Thomas Dailey



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