The Patrick Madrid Show: July 05, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Children, teens exposed to online porn more likely to develop addiction than adults
  • Andres – Can I give a wedding anniversary card to a couple that was not married in the church?
  • ‘Permanent Male Sterilization’: Vasectomies Soar After SCOTUS Overturns Roe | The Daily Wire
  • Dem Governor Urges Biden To Use Military Bases For Abortions | The Daily Caller
  • Bee – My dad passed away and had a mass of Christian burial but he was also divorced and remarried so what is his status?
  • Eileen – Saw Harbinger movie – have you seen it? what are your thoughts?
  • Deacon Tom – follow up on previous callers concern about precious blood on altar linens.
  • Jaime – Teaching toddler the faith and keeping patience while doing so
  • Maria – at daily mass – Reader stayed at the altar after readings to help father during consecration. was this okay? is it okay to have lay person distribute communion or to receive communion from lay person?
  • Email – How do I talk with my Lesbian friend about how Homosexuality is wrong?
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