Doug Hinderer, Preparing For Your Kid’s Boyfriend/Girlfriend/ Juan Carlos Sanchez, Teen Screen Time/ Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, Sunday’s Gospel Reflection

8/12/22 6am CT Hour

  • John, Glen and Sarah chat about Attorney General Garland’s comments about Trump home raid and the Cubs win at the Field of Dreams game.
  • Doug talks about how we can prepare our kids for the dating world by showing them what qualities to look for and to flag as problematic.
  • Juan Carlos share how to set boundaries when it comes to phones and screen time with teens and gear them with the knowledge of what is a healthy use of these devices.
  • Bishop Mueggenborg reflects on how Jesus will allow us to go through hard times to purify us and give us the chance to know if we will follow Him or buckle even if it means a conflict with those close to us.
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