Father Simon Says – August 18, 2022 – God’s Justice

Bible Study: (1:26)

EZ 36:23-28

  • What is the justice of God?

MT 22:1-14

  • More kingdom conversation??

Letters (15:26)

  • Did God feel pain when Jesus was crucified? 
  • Was there a group that didn’t go to the temple b/c it was corrupted
  • What did the Resurrection do? 

Word of the day: Baptism (32:05)


  • (39:45) – A callers shares an analogy of purgatory
  • (43:26) – What is meant by the word ‘discourse’ like Last Supper Discourse?
  • (45:32) – Soul is not immortal a Jehovah witness said to me.  What do you think?
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