Father Simon Says – August 24, 2022 – The Crisis of Simony!

Bible Study: (1:57)

Rv 21:9b-14

  • What does Apocalypse mean? 

Jn 1:45-51

  • What does the word Nazareth mean? 

Letters (21:34)

  • Where there always three persons in one God? 
  • What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of Man? 

Word of the Day: Simony (30:26)


  • (35:49) – The number 3-3-3 given to Jesus and the number 6-6-6 given to Satan.  How did those come about?
  • (39:26) – If the Church believes that there will be a 1,000 year reign on earth, when Jesus comes back?
  • (43:31) – ‘Do it in remembrance of me?’ regarding the Eucharist, what does that mean?
  • (46:17) – Was this just a punishment for Jesus, when he was scourged, carrying and nailed or did the others go through this too?
  • (49:47) – Where could I find in the Bible, the existence of purgatory?
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