Father Simon Says – August 26, 2022 – Kosher Bugs!

Bible Study: (2:02)

1 COR 1:17-25

  • Father talks about the importance of Mass as a sacrifice 

MT 25:1-13

  • Father explains Jewish wedding customs 

Letters (22:44)

  • Father revisits a letter about a Sunday wedding
  • I once had a co-worker who moved in together with her boyfriend who didn’t eat meat on a Friday during Lent. 
  • The surrender novena

Word of the Day: Witness (36:11)


  • (38:18) – Luke 1: 43, is Mary already considered the Mother of the Lord? 
  • (40:08) – Granddaughter’s non-Catholic wedding;  she’s not Catholic at all, and never been baptized and I went to her wedding.   Her fiancé was Catholic, was baptized, I don’t know he was confirmed.
  • (45:56) – My kids go to a Catholic College out of state.  I went with them to the college’s mass and the president was officiating mass.  He distributed communion inappropriately; should I talk to him? 
  • (49:44) – Are gnats kosher? 
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