Father Simon Says-August 3, 2022-It should say Puppies

Bible Study (2:01)

JER 31:1-7

God won’t stop loving us 


MT 15:21-28

The word “dog” in this gospel passage is not translated as well as it should say “puppies”

–Letters (21:52)

When does faith stop being faith and becomes testing God? 

How is the Eastern Church the second lung of the Church? 

Is it true that Padre Pio wouldn’t hear confessions for ladies wearing pants? 

Question about Catholic Charismatic Groups and prophetic gifts?

How do I know if the Holy Spirit is talking to me? 

–Word of the Day: Alone (39:36)


(42:46) Do animals go to heaven? 

(44:38) Could you explain 1 Corinthians 11: 1-13  as I have a question about unveiling

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