Father Simon Says-August 4, 2022-Replacement Theology is Ridiculous

Bible Study (2:04)

Jer 31:31-34

-Replacement Theology is ridiculous as there is no covenant with Jews, but with Israel

Mt 16:13-23

-Jesus is giving Peter control and access when he’s giving his keys 

Fr. Simon talks about the use of “dogs” in scripture (20:45)

Letters (24:51)

Should I move my late parents to next to each other, as they’re buried away from each other?  I’m worried about expenses?

Do communion hosts have to be round?  

Could I choose an Old Testament name as a confirmation saint?

Word of the Day-Gnosticism (37:22)


Is there a reason the ‘Our Father’ isn’t sung anymore? (41:40

Asking about priest not adding wine to chalice, is it not a complete mass? (42:57)

Why we say God Bless You when someone sneezes? (46:20)

Question about praying to Jesus or to the Holy Spirit (47:23)

When did the Romans abandon Judea? (50:20)

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