The Inner Life – Friday, August 12, 2022 – Back to School

Fr. Dave Heney joins IL to discuss going back to school and teaching kids the faith. The topics included passing on the faith (7:39), Jesus’ upbringing (11:20), Fr. Dave’s upbringing (16:11), difficulty of not having all the answers (18:35), how to balance personal prayers with educating family (26:34), resources for teaching the faith (36:11), Fr. Dave’s new book (42:07), parents as educators of the faith (43:34), a mom calls in to share how she shares faith with her children (47:21). 


Josh Raymond has been on the air in one way or another since 1998. Starting in secular radio and eventually having the opportunity to move into Christian radio, he worked at several stations throughout the Pacific Northwest, serving in different capacities including Show Host, Production Director, Operations Manager, and Program Director. In 2005 he joined Relevant Radio and currently is the Vice President – Director of Programming and Production.