Father Simon Says – September 8, 2022 – Sexualized Society


  • Rom 8:28-30 Agape sacrificial love is not a feeling, but is found in what we do. Father explains the difference between destiny and fate. 
  • Mt 1:1-16, 18  (8:56) Father Explains the significance of the names in the bible.
  • (17:01) Why we have become a sexualized society 


  • (29:53) Father Answers letters from listeners 

Word of the Day

  • (37:10) Ephratah (Bethlehem) 


  • Anne – Mary’s parents and what is their lineage? 
  • Steve -Question about genealogy.  Difference b/w ‘begotten’ and ‘made’ 
  • Joe – Joe the Scientist., he hit the ball on what he said about marriage and family, and he really nailed it. 
  • Rose – I went to a store and they had a product called ‘Immaculate Consumption’ .  I was offended.  Sadly, some friends didn’t mine.  Also, I talked to the diocese, and they said they didn’t want to really do anything, b/c they didn’t want to bring attn to it.  What do you think Father? 
  • Anthony – The roots of the current situation about contraception.  I think the roots are contraception and divorce.  What do you think Father? 
  • Eric – What is the status of the Church in China and I’ve heard the arrangement b/w the Vatican and China is secret.  Could you comment? 
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