Father Simon Says – October 7, 2022 – Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of the Rosary (6:14)

GAL 3:7-14

  • Father explains how to be ‘in the Spirit’

Lk 1:26-38

  • Father explains what Mary actually says in today’s Gospel

LK 11:15-26

  • Father also explains what an unclean spirit is

Letters (22:13)

  • What does it mean ‘Mary knew not Joseph’ until she bore a son
  • Listener writes in about Father’s comments on race
  • Did Paul take a Nazerite vow? 

Word of the Day: Finger (32:54)


  • (36:00) – I think the ‘Our Father’ should end like this: ‘Thank you for giving me the strength to resist temptation’. What is Father’s response? 
  • (38:54) – What are the covenants that God made with mankind?
  • (41:44) – Did Jesus think about instituting the Eucharist during his life, or did it come later in his mission?
  • (45:40) – What does ‘Lord of Hosts’ in the Old Testament mean? 
  • (48:01)- How do I enter through the ‘narrow gate’
  • (50:04) – In the Bible, who is ‘Wisdom’?
Father Richard Simon, who jokingly refers to himself as Reverend Know-it-All is the host of Fr. Simon Says on Relevant Radio. Father Simon delves into the daily Scripture readings, shares a Word of the Day to help you sharpen you vocabulary, and opens the phones to your questions about the Faith. After just a few minutes with Father Simon, you might be convinced that he truly does know it all!