OB/GYN on Abortion Patient Rights, & Bodily Integrity

OB/GYN Dr. Bill Lile poses strong medical and scientific arguments for life regarding patient’s rights, “Bodily Integrity”, and chemical abortion  (4:57). Dr. Lile  and Timmerie discuss the pro-abortion constitutional amendments and if passed the decline in medical standards (25:36). Why the upcoming election matters and Religious Liberty (40:52).

Resources mentioned : 



Surgery on Baby in Womb Removes Life-Threatening Tumor on Heart




Abortion Pill Reversal 



Hope After Abortion 



1st trimester abortion video



California Prop 1 Explained by Alliance Defending Freedom https://files.constantcontact.com/012a24f3901/978323d9-fa64-46dc-ba70-92e4090b6ac0.pdf?rdr=true 


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