The Inner Life – Monday, October 10, 2022 – Obedience

Fr. Bobby Blood joined IL for a discussion on obedience. Topics included: what obedience is (2:14), how obedience frees us (5:08), obedience to superiors (9:59), how to ask others to be obedient (16:14), trust and obedience (18:16), caller: how do I give advice to my children (21:12), how to be obedient and humble (25:19), role of obedience in Scripture (26:51), call: obedience after husband’s death (40:07), caller: should I still ask my kids to go to mass? (44:09), can we disobey (47:05)?

Josh Raymond has been on the air in one way or another since 1998. Starting in secular radio and eventually having the opportunity to move into Christian radio, he worked at several stations throughout the Pacific Northwest, serving in different capacities including Show Host, Production Director, Operations Manager, and Program Director. In 2005 he joined Relevant Radio and currently is the Vice President – Director of Programming and Production.