A Controversial Passage – November 30, 2022

Bible Study: (2:52)

Rom 10:9-18

  • Why is this reading controversial? 


  • (20:18) – what does Thy kingdom come mean? 
  • (22:11) – Father discusses going to communion without being in a state of grace 
  • (27:47) – Listener is asking why we don’t have to believe apparitions, but we do celebrate them liturgically 

Word of the Day: salvation and redemption (35:03)


  • (38:14) – What is the Churches teaching on someone dying with only one mortal sin on his soul?
  • (40:31) – How do I talk to Protestants about Baptism? 
  • (43:10) – I have been an usher. I never thought about it the way you are talking about. I would do it the way the Italians do it. 
  • (44:48) – Luke 17: 7-10: Can you explain this scripture to me?
  • (47:11) – Is Mary considered the spouse of the Holy Spirit? 
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