An Orthodox Question – December 7, 2022

Bible Study: (2:12)

Is 40:25-31

  • What’s Father’s method of prayer?

Mt 11:28-30

  • Father discusses St. Justin Martr 


  • (18:16) Listener misses singing in the choir 
  • (20:44 ) – Can Eastern Orthodox Church receive communion at Catholic Church? 
  • (21:54) – Listener asks about the gift of tongues 
  • (26:08) – Why cant a Catholic woman with serious health concerns have an abortion? 
  • (29:31) Can a western Catholic become byzantine? 

Word of the Day: Inscrutable (32:43)


  • (35:42) – Question about original sin and total depravity
  • (39:22) – Is it disrespectful to receive Eucharist Orthodox Liturgies?  
  • (41:13) 1 Corinthians 11:14  and question about long hair?
  • (47:34) – Bread used for Eucharist and especially of times of disaster and war time?
  • (48:36) – Significance of votive candles for deceased people?
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