Sundown in Alaska – December 20, 2022

Bible Study: (6:08)

Is 7:10-14

  • What is more hopeful than the birth of the child? Father also explains the importance of the Greek translation of this passage. 

Lk 1:26-38

  • Father explains what it means to be a true slave of the Lord


  • (18:32) Father share’s Dan’s thoughts about Zachariah’s silence 
  • (21:45) Is it OK to pray for a good Catholic man? 
  • (28:40) – My sister received a heart! 

Word of the Day: Betrothed (29:42)


  • (37:24) – If you’re up in Alaska where they have 24 hour sunlight, and in Jewish tradition, next day starts at sundown, when does the next day start?
  • (39:58) – When I pray the 5th Joyful Mystery I meditate on Jesus’ parents.  I’m sure on the way back to Nazareth, Jesus was in control. What do you think about that Father?
  • (44:30) – Follow-up on sundown question.
  • (45:44) – Doesn’t the Sabbath give a break to the slaves and the animals too?   Deuteronomy 5 and Exodus 20
  • (47:58) – I had a rabbi speak to me about Jewish people living in Hawaii. 
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