Why Confession? – December 31, 2022

Bible Study: (2:37)

ECCL 3:1-11

  • There is a time for everything under the heavens! 

LK 9:18-22

  • Do the Scriptures contradict each other? 


  • Listener disagreed with Father’s advice to mothers 
  • How is the Presentation of Jesus a Joyful Mystery and a Sorrow of Mary? 
  • Listener shares her reversion to the faith
  • Listener shares the power of religious statues on her faith
  • Question about pharmacy in the time of Jesus
  • Father remarks about sorrow and the faith 
  • Listener writes about the Latin root for left-handed people
  • Why do we have to confess to priests? 
  • Are holy cards and rosaries that we get in the mail blessed? 

Word of the Day: To serve


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