Baptism and Confirmation – Monday, January 09, 2023

Fr. Dave Heney, joins Josh for a conversation about Baptism and Confirmation

  • (7:35) Jesus’ Baptism
  • (13:29) What is a sacrament?
  • (19:00) What happens to us at Baptism? 11:20 What happens spiritually when you are baptized?
  • (33:37) Larry – Is there a Church teaching about if Jesus was conscience of the Beatific vision during his baptism?
  • (35:57) why do we Cross ourselves with holy water?
  • (39:12) difference between Baptism and Confirmation
  • (47:21) Ray -Just went to a non-Catholic baptism and the pastor made a point of saying it wasn’t needed for salvation
  • (11:55 ) Ashley – Looking at confirmation from a fallen away Catholic’s point of view, many of us just went through the motions and now we have this great responsibility. Is it better to never have received confirmation then to fall away from the faith?
St. Gregory Recovery Center
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