Baptism of Jesus – January 9, 2023


  • (2:28) Father talks about the Baptism of the lord.
  • (8:06) Father talks about why Magi could recognize Jesus as king and why some people can’t recognize Him.

Letters (18:21)

  • Bernice – About Pope Benedict
  • Christine – why are there not more times for confession

Word of the Day (33:38)

  • Confession and Church

Phones (36:46)

  • Jerry – Do we become the mystical body, blood, soul, divinity of Jesus Christ, when we receive the Eucharist?
  • Ines – where do souls come from, and how are souls are made?  Has he made them already, or when pregnant?
  • Larry – Is today the last day on the traditional calendar for Christmas?
  • Maria – I got divorced, is it okay for me to get married again?  I didn’t get married by the Church?
  • Betty – Relationship b/w parishes and dioceses.  What happens when a priest doesn’t have a lot of business training and what happens when a priest is not behaving as they should, like being arrogant.
  • Christiana – When you consecrate yourself to Our Lady.  There are so many different kinds of consecration.  When you consecrate, or could you consecrate to multiple?
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