Cousins, Cousins, Cousins – January 24, 2024

Bible Study: (3:10)

Heb 10:1-10

  • The forgiveness of God 

Mk 3:31-35

  • Did Jesus have brothers and sisters? 


  • (19:54) – Was Mary a perpetual virgin? 
  • (21:41) – Was Mary as young as 12 at the Annunciation? 
  • (24:13) – Fr. Michael writes in about reverent Novus Ordo worship
  • (30:40) – Can deacons give liturgical blessings? 
  • (34:27) – My mom’s answer to how OT people lived for so long

Word of the Day: Christ (36:40)


  • (39:55) – Comment on cousin – that word didn’t come till the 1300s.  What do you think about that Father?
  • (42:00) -Can a lay person lay the monstrance on the side table?
  • (43:48) – Is Friday an abstinence day?
  • (46:45) – Question about Parable of the sower –  how does one change the soil?
  • (48:21) – About the word cousin, being Italian, there is a word on how to distinguish b/w cousin and brothers, and the word phrase is ‘cugini fratelli’
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