Jesus Was Stern? – January 19, 2023

Bible Study: (1:57)

Heb 7:25—8:6

  • How has the liturgy of the Temple been superseded? 

Mk 3:7-12

  • Father talks about where Jesus preaches his sermons 


  • (21:09) – Why does Jesus tell the crippled man to go home? 
  • (25:13) – What posture should we have during the Eucharistic prayer? 
  • (27:33) – Is it OK to say that God is Father and mother? 

Word of the Day: Sternly (33:15)


  • (36:03) – Sons of Zebedee, John and James, was John the favored one? 
  • (40:28) – Question about the Orthodox Bible? 
  • (46:36) – Could you explain Psalm 80 to me? 
  • (49:00) – One could be an observant Jew but not believe in afterlife, how is this not a contradiction?
  • (49:56) – Sunday’s Gospel, could you explain John 1:29-34?
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