The Patrick Madrid Show: January 12, 2023 – Hour 3

Why are the causes of death of the young children dying suddenly not being reported?

  • Audio: Suffering from a Medical Coincidence?
  • Tim – My friend worked at Moderna said vaccine was safe but apologized as it is not as safe as they thought
  • Tom – COVID breeds cancel culture and also ties in with the transgender agenda with kids
  • Caeser – Does the King James Bible have 80 books?
  • Joseph – What evidence is there that there is not a connection when we don’t have long term results on these products?
  • Olivia 9-years-old – When God comes at the end of time and takes people to heaven, who will pray for those in purgatory if no one is left on earth?
  • Vivian – The guy I am interested in does not practice the faith, should I date him?
  • Dusty – What can my wife say or do to get my Mormon family off her back?
  • Irene – What can I tell my Mormon friends about the foundation of the Catholic Church?
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