Amazing Grace – February 24, 2023

Bible Study: (2:28)

Is 58:1-9a

  • Why do we actually fast? 

Mt 9:14-15

  • Father discusses the rule of fasting 


  • (18:55) Father gets a letter about ‘Amazing Grace’; Father gives a history of the song
  • (22:05) Is there salt in holy water? 
  • (25:11) Can a non-Catholic read at mass
  • (28:40) Listener writes in about her experience of Anglicans and the communion of saints 

Word of the day: Cry out Full-throated (32:39) 


  • (38:37) What advice could you give our family, as my husband was fired after 31 years.  More like spiritual advice?
  • (41:47) Why do people bow when the priest leaves and enters the Church?
  • (41:49) Lost my husband last month, and I’m struggling in my grieving.  What could I do?
  • (48:12) Could you explain Rogation Days?

Original Air Date: March 4, 2023

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