How Can Evil Exist if God is Good? – February 23, 2023

Bible Study: (1:38)

Dt 30:15-20

  • What are the commandments actually about

Verse before the Gospel: Father discusses what the kingdom really means

Lk 9:22-25

  • The powerlessness of Jesus 


  • (18:51)- How many covenants are there? 
  • (22:50) – How can evil exist if God is all love? 
  • (23:40) – After mass we say prayers to Mary, should we add it to Sunday Mass? 

Word of the Day: Seven (34:19)


  • (37:20) – What would have come about if there was no law against eating pork?
  • (41:06) – My Daughter sells Crystals and Tarot Cards.  They’re having a grand opening and should I go?
  • (46:01) – If I were to meet Jesus face to face, my life would be changed.  Why don’t I have a deep faith? 
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