The G-O-A-T – February 27, 2023

Bible Study: 

Lv 19:1-2, 11-18

  • Father explains the rules from today’s first reading 

Mt 25:31-46

  • Why are goats bad? 


  • (21:05) – A priest recommends “the great Turdor Bible myth
  • (22:54) – Listener says her priest listens to RR! 
  • (26:13) – Do the Roman Catholics have ‘fool for Christ’s sake?’
  • (28:36) – Among vs amongst in the Hail Mary
  • (42:45) – Comment about the Orthodox and the Papacy

Word of the Day: Gymnos 


  • (42:45) – Why do we pray to the Angels? Why don’t we just pray to the Holy Spirit?
  • (46:19) – Can I go to a wedding in the SSPX church? The Groom is Roman Catholic.
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