The Presentation of the Lord – February 2, 2023

Bible Study: (2:02)

Mal 3:1-4

  • What does God want? 

Heb 2:14-18

  • Mary’s Role in the Church


  • (21:10) – Psalm 110 – what does it say about David and Jesus? 
  • (27:09) – Man at my parish was told not to be a lector 

Word of the Day: Surely (35:50) 


  • (41:29) – My friend is dying from Parkinson’s. I am praying he comes back to the Church. How can I help him come back?
  • (44:18) – Can a person receive Communion without confirmation? 
  • (45:18) – What is the significance of 40? 
  • (50:11) – Did Mary & Joseph go from Bethlehem to Nazareth for Presentation and when did they go to Egypt?
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