The Real Gift of Life – February 21, 2023

Bible Study: (1:43)

Sir 2:1-11

  • What does it mean to desire the will of God

Mk 9:30-37

  • Father discusses the real gift of life & what it means to be a child of God


  • (19:06) – What does Gal 4:10 mean? 
  • (29:16) – Please explain Korban
  • (49:14) – Does Jesus think we ought not take oaths 

Word of the Day: Lent (32:19)


  • (33:43) – Any patron saint for people with difficult medical conditions? 
  • (35:56) – Question about Psalm 37: 18  and the word ‘wholehearted’?
  • (39:53) – Question about the Catechism
  • (42:23) – How did the Egyptians at the time of Pharoah, perceive the Exodus?
  • (45:12) – Is it true that even when someone goes to hell, they can still be redeemed is that true?
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