Understanding Creation – February 6, 2023

Bible Study: (1:35)

Gn 1:1-19

  • How are we to understand the creation of the world? 

Mk 6:53-56

  • Father comments more on tassels 


  • (13:59) – Question about changing the words of the consecration 
  • (16:31) – Did Jesus not know who touched his garment? 
  • (18:12) – Do I have to go to the geographical boundary of my parish? 

Word of the Day: Scurry (28:10)


  • (29:24) – Is it okay for an Eucharistic Minister during mass to take a host on their own from the ciborium and place it into a pyx? 
  • (32:24) – There’s a choir member, who receives the Eucharist, but doesn’t take it yet, as she sings.  After she sings, she consumes the host, but it’s after the vessel are purified.  Is that okay?
  • (42:09) – Book Recommendation about early Christianity?
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