Dare We Hope That All re Saved? – March 28, 2023

Bible Study: (2:05)

Nm 21:4-9

  • What is ultimately pleasing to God?
  • Why would Jesus compare himself as the serpent? 

Jn 8:21-30

  • Jesus always does what is pleasing to the Father 


  • (24:27) What does it mean that we look forward to the Resurrection of the dead? 
  • (27:49) I know some Christians that keep Torah
  • (39:35) Do we have a personal demon assigned to us? 
  • (43:03) Is praying to the angels prohibited? 
  • (45:49) Please start the show upbeat! 
  • (46:57) Dare we hope that all are saved? 

Word of the Day: Mount Hor (36:29)

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