Did Adam and Eve Exist? – March 23, 2023

Bible Study: (1:47)

Ex 32:7-14

  • What’s the significance of the Golden Calf? 
  • What does it mean to ‘get your leading straight?’


  • (18:22) – I’m sorrowful about my miscarriages 
  • (20:36) – I’m finding it difficult to find stability 
  • (23:04) – Father recommends Catechism and Bible
  • (26:18) – Father clarifies comments about The Internal Forum of the Catholic Church
  • (28:30) – how does the Incarnation play into God’s immutability 

Word of the Day: Confession (31:32)


  • (36:25) – Adam & Eve, where they true people or are they just a myth?
  • (40:34) – I prayed for my son who has a disability, and the next day, his therapist had a dream that he was completely normal.  Also, my husband had a dream like this he was normal.
  • (42:44) – husband has been unfaithful and having hardest time forgiving, what should I do?
  • (45:55) – David & Goliath, b/c they stressed the five smooth stones, question about that?
  • (48:02) – It wasn’t actually an aurora borealis when talking about Our Lady of Fatima.
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