Does God Have Regret? – March 14, 2023

Bible Study: (1:51)

Dn 3:25, 34-43

  • Father talks about what it means to be part of the Church

Mt 18:21-35

  • The power of forgiveness 


  • (22:54) – Why did God regret making humans? 
  • (29:53) – Should we hold our hands during the Our Father? 

Word of the Day: Patient (33:24)


  • (35:53) – Why was St. Francis on the date of July 16th, which is the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel?
  • (40:20) – Why was there an image of the Egyptian God Toth in a Catholic Church?
  • (43:54) – Question about the use of the English translation of ‘brother.’
  • (46:55) – Question about Jacob, Esau and the ‘blessing’?
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