The Royal We – March 22, 2023

Bible Study: (2:29)


Is 49:8-15

  • Father explains the evils of abortion

Jn 5:17-30

  • What does it mean that Jesus emptied himself? 


  • (17:47) – Father apologizes using the term ‘Karen’
  • (19:48) – Is the whore of Babylon the Catholic Church? Rev 18:4

Word of the Day: Compassion (29:30)


  • (31:42)- When any Pope uses the pronoun ‘We’ who is he referring to?
  • (37:58) – Why does our Lord refer to himself as the Son of Man?
  • (44:39) – Where does he get the information that Yoga comes from the idol worship of yoking yourself to a Hindu deity?
  • (46:18) – How do you ask God for healing and offer up your suffering?
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