Killing Babies “Freedom” Lie/ Latest from the Vatican/ Architecture Revealing the Almighty

4/12/23 6am CT Hour – Kristan Hawkins/ Ashley Noronha/ Erik Bootsma

  • John, Glen and Sarah chat about the Louisville Bank Shooting, Pentagon leak and a horse loose in Motor City.
  • Kristan exposes the lies that limiting access to abortion pills hurts women when the pills in question are unsafe and hurting women everyday. She notes that younger people are shocked to find that human remains aka babies are being flushed down the toilet and in the water system.
  • Ashley checks in from Rome to share the Pope weekly general audience, his current health and celebrations of Easter as well as Pope St. Julius.
  • Erik explains what the purpose of architecture in Churches are designed for and why we saw a spike of more modern Churches that  don’t capture the beauty of some older constructions.
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